Where are your Madeleines made?

Our Madeleines are handmade in our kitchen in London,E1. We bake from scratch with local ingredients and make our Madeleines fresh every day on demand. Read more about us here.

Where can I buy your Madeleines?

Our Madeleines are available to buy on our online shop. We also trade on markets and cater for various events. To stay updated about where to find us, see our news page and follow us on social media (Facebook and Instagram)


What’s in your Madeleines?

Quality is an absolute priority in the making of our products.
We only use fresh and locally sourced ingredients, organic as much as possible, and no preservatives. We are proud to use Callebaut® Chocolate in our recipe, which supports sustainably grown cocoa.

Where can I find your Diet and Allergen information?

Please visit our Diet and Allergen info page for information.

All our Madeleines are suitable for vegetarians (except most savoury ones).
All your Madeleines contain : gluten, lactose, eggs and contain or may contain traces of nuts.
We strive to avoid cross-contamination but cannot guarantee the absence of traces of allergens in our products.

We do not have a vegan nor a gluten free range at the moment, but due to high demand we are working on it!

How long do your Madeleines last?

All our Madeleines are handmade fresh every day and have no preservatives. Therefore, we highly recommend eating them on the day of purchase where they will be at their best freshness. If you ever have some leftovers, keep them shielded from light and humidity, in an air-tight container and the softness will last for a week.
We do NOT recommend to store them in the fridge.
The apparence of the product, specially those with chocolate, may change with the time, but this will not alter the taste.
We use fresh fruit to decorate some of our madeleines, and try and use only fruits in season. The life of fresh fruits can be shorter than the life of the actual cake.


Where do you deliver to and how much it costs?

We are based in London E1 and we currently deliver:

  • UK-wide for our BISOU Boxes and BISOU Bags
  • London wide for our BISOU towers, Maxi BISOU and Catering orders.

Please visit the Delivery info page for more detail about pricing.

When should I place my order?

All our Madeleines are baked on demand (we do not bake in advance nor stock our products).
We usually accommodate all orders within 3 to 4 business days. Our products are sent for delivery as soon as they are baked, so your lips only meet the freshest!

We deliver 7 days a week and our delivery window is from 8am to 6pm.
Once your order is in preparation, we will notify you a more narrow delivery window, and you will be able to track your delivery.

If you need your order delivered for a specific time, please inform us leaving a note during checkout.
We require 48 hours of an order to guarantee delivery. Some days might already be booked for events or catering, and baking and/or delivery might not be available.
If you need your order on a day that you see already booked in our calendar, email us at or call us on +44 (0)7788 624 653 and we’ll do our best to find a solution!

Note that Fridays and weekend are our busiest time. In order to avoid disappointment please place your order as soon as possible.

For bespoke or larger orders such as parties and events catering, we require a 4 days notice period.

I’ve forgotten to mention something about my order, can you help me?

Please email us at, or call us on +44 (0)7788 624 653 as soon as you can.
Note that Fridays and weekends are our busiest time, so you may receive a slower response on this days.

What if I miss the delivery?

In order to make it a super easy delivery, please make sure to correctly fill out the delivery form with all details our delivery partner should know about. If you have any additional information or special request (e.g. ‘Leave with security at front desk’), please add them during the checkout.

It is also your responsibility that there is someone to accept the delivery at the address provided.
BISOU les Madeleines cannot accept responsibility for late or missing deliveries due to insufficient or incorrect information supplied, or because there is no-one to accept delivery.
If any issue arise while trying to deliver, our delivery partner will call the contact you provided. If he is unable to locate the recipient, he will leave it in a safe place (with a neighbour or co-worker).
If our delivery partner is directed to a loading bay or post room, we cannot accept responsibility for how the cakes are handled.

Please note that it is a freshly made product and we are unable to re-deliver. Once your order has been processed, we cannot offer a refund.

What if there is a problem with my order?

Email us at with your request and you’ll do our best to fix it.


To stock our products in your shop / café / restaurant / hotel, please email us at

FAQ of Bisou les Madeleines